About Us

The key to a good recipe is not what’s in it, it’s what went into it that makes it taste so good. You don’t find the right ingredients, the right ingredients find you. From a Bloody Mary to bottled water, every recipe begins with a story.

LogoRoundFor ten years, Jim and Cyndee sailed the Pacific Ocean aboard their sailboat TOUCAN in search of adventure. Hard not to have an adventure when you’re surrounded by the beauty of the Sea of Cortez, the Marquesas Islands, Tahiti, hundreds of dolphins off the coast of Fiji and killer whales near the Kingdom of Tonga.

Jim and Cyndee found their adventure, but they also found something else: their family had expanded. Each and every new friend became a member of Team Toucan – a community of people sharing stories of travel and their favorite food and drink recipes. Year after year they perfected their Bloody Mary recipe wherever TOUCAN took them, incorporating island spices and the opinions of friends they made along the way.

Team Toucan and their wide variety of food and drink is a decade in the making, but the stories we inspire will last a lifetime. Find your story with Team Toucan and let us be your passport to adventure.